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Martins World Group

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Bodø Region - Saltstraumen

Video of Sundstraumen
Fly-drive Or Airport Pickup Via Bodø Airport

Saltstraumen is a top sea fishing destination with excellent shore fishing and superlative boat fishing. This is the home of huge cod, coalfish, halibut and haddock. Wolffish and redfish too, plus massive plaice. If you are seeking prolific big fish in stunning surroundings, this area is hard to beat. Well sheltered waters with lots of productive marks. The Straumen is a very fast tide race and care must be taken at certain times of the tide.

Tuvsjyen Tourist Centre

Situated within the Arctic Circle and enhanced by a typically picturesque Norwegian backdrop of dramatic mountains and wide fjords, Tuvsjyen is located on the shoreline of Skerstadfjord in the small community of Tuv. It is an easy forty-minute drive south from Bodø Airport, although your hosts are more than happy to arrange transfers for you, by either road or boat it is located only a couple of minutes away from the notorious Saltstraumen maelstrom. Tuvsjyen enjoys dramatic views over the fjord towards sunsets over the Saltstraumen Bridge - that is unless your visit coincides with high summer, when the sun never actually sets! English speaking hosts Elisabeth and Geoffrey Spencer-Johnson provide a warm and friendly welcome to their fishing and sporting holiday guests.
NB: the closest pronunciation for the Centres' name for English tongues is "Tuvshan".

About the General Area and Fishing at Tuvsjyen

For those who are not familiar with the Norwegian Saltstraumen phenomena, it is a narrow channel of powerful tidal water which is renowned for being the strongest tidal current in the World (National Geographic). Straddled by a typically high arching Norwegian road bridge, the Saltstraumen connects the Fjords of Saltfjord and Skjerstadfjord, where the waters of the latter, can be up to 1 metre higher than sea level. In turn, this creates huge current surges at the Saltstraumen, where every six hours up to 400 million cubic metres of seawater forces its way through the 150 metre wide straits. The vortices and whirlpools created within this maelstrom tidal torrent are famous for attracting large hard-fighting coalies (Coalfish), Halibut and other species on in-coming tides. The Worlds record for Coalfish of nearly 50lb was caught in these waters.


Less known than the Saltstraumen itself, is the Sundstraumen. Less than a mile away it is an equally powerful body of water which is arguably even more turbulent than its counterpart just around the corner. With an extremely narrow channel at its mouth, the Soundstraumen also provides excellent chances of catching fabulous sporting coalies too and has the added benefit of often being much quieter in terms of the number of anglers fishing it. Good catches of Halibut and Cod have also been recorded in the much calmer and quieter waters approaching this straumen.

Both of these locations provide challenging sea fishing opportunities, however you really do need to be fully informed and very aware of tidal states/times and prepared to fish fast swirling drifts. NB: when fishing these waters you should not attempt to enter or cross either maelstrom within two-hours of low or high tides. It is also recommended that someone should remain at the helm of the boat - ready to 'power-up' quickly to avoid dangers.

The two fjords which provide accessible sea fishing from Tuvsjyen are extremely deep, and it must be said - rather featureless in terms of some of the usual fishing marks such as pinnacles and reefs which sea anglers would normally focus on. However, the fjord has steeply shelved banks which together with the Saltstraumen and the Sundstraumen tend to hold the best fishing opportunities. This area is very popular with sea angling groups and families from Sweden who tend to return year after year to fish the area. This destination is also very popular with divers who also like to take advantage of the deep, clear waters and rich marine life. This area is reputably one of the best drift-diving sites throughout Europe.

A good fish/depth finder is strongly recommended in order to locate Cod and Coalfish when fishing deeper mid-water marks. Halibut catches are also frequent in this area, together with Cod up to 12-14 lb, Wolf Fish, Haddock and the very occasional Angler Fish. A further tip to fishing the area is to look out for signs of the huge shoals of Herring which frequently pass through these fjords. You will soon see when the migrating Herring are in, as the seagulls mass in their hundreds as larger predator fish drive the shoals to the surface, the water can appear to boil due to their numbers.

Unlike many sea fishing venues, in either Norway or elsewhere for that matter, the Skjerstadfjord at Tuvsjyen provides some extremely sheltered fishing. It would be hard to imagine weather so bad that you are unable to get out in a boat to fish; locally it is very sheltered here. There is also the opportunity to fish in Saltfjord and pretty well the open sea south of Bodø. This does mean passing through either the Saltstraumen and/or Sundstraumen however - where good tidal planning and great care is required. It is safe enough to pass through either straumen up to 2-hours either side of high or low water - but care is the watchword, as advice should be sought and a local tide timetable is essential!

A short half-hour run by boat to the Saltstraumen also provides good supplies of Cod up to 14lb and Halibut grounds close in to the shore and in sheltered bays. Fishing the shallow waters of a bay when Herring shoals have been cornered by masses of cod can provide excellent and frantic sport for hours on end. In shallow waters of depths of just 10-15 metres, when hunting herring, the cod go ballistic taking your shad or perk like the proverbial train - time and time again. Testimony from recent anglers' fishing in the area state that they had never experienced such hard-hitting, hard-fitting cod as when they experienced these circumstances.

In the opposite direction from Tuvsjyen, there are further opportunities for good fishing grounds in the higher reaches of Skjerstadfjord. Again, a half-hour steam can provide some good Halibut grounds in particular, during the right tides. Here, however, the chance of finding good cod and other fishing are a little more remote.

Accommodation and Catering

Accommodation at Tuvsjyen comprises of studio, single and double bedroom self-catering apartments, one of which the "Captain's Cabin", is a traditional Norwegian Naust (Boathouse) located right on the small harbour waterfront. Each is fitted with all modern amenities, TV, cooker, microwave and dishwasher.

Guests can choose to either self-cater or the hosts can provide catering from their excellent local resident chef. The occasional cordon-blu style, traditional or gourmet Norwegian meal can be provided; or for those with a little more adventurous spirit, a pre-Viking menu can also be arranged (see Experience below).

The Stone Age/Ice Age Banqueting Experience

As an added attraction, your hosts also present an authentic Stone Age/Ice Age experience for parties who wish a taste of life and cuisine of people who inhabited this area some 10,000 years ago, which can be traced back to findings in the hill behind our property. The experience is centred around a recreated medieval wooden underground round-house (meeting hall) called a 'Gamme', and includes excellent authentic period cuisine, specially prepared for you in stone and earthen ovens. The atmosphere, storytelling, archery and much more besides completes this ancient experience.

Other Activities and Excursions

Tuvsjyen is geared more towards the discerning, sporting sea angling party who may wish to enhance their holiday with something more than just 'cod-bashing' everyday. Therefore, your hosts at Tuvsjyen also provide alternative activities and possibilities for guests to consider. Any of these activities can be tailored to your particular needs and requirements:-

  • Boat hire (see details)
  • Off-road mountain biking
  • Cross-country skiing
  • Drift and wreck diving
  • Caving
  • Organised excursion to the Svartisen glassier and lakes
  • Kayaking
  • Abseiling
  • Walking and guided mountain trekking
  • Bird and Whale watching
  • Freshwater trout and salmon fishing
  • Skippered charter-boat sea fishing
  • High speed rib rafting in the Saltstraumen with professional guide
  • Prehistoric banqueting experience

Tuvsjyen has 3, 18 ft Yarmin self-drive fast fisher boats for hire by the day. Each will accommodate a maximum of 4, but more comfortably 3 anglers. They are powered by powerful 4-stroke 60 bhp Yamaha engines - sufficient to easily cope with the tidal currents in this area. The engines have electronic ignition and electronic trim and tilt, they have central consoles with 2 swivel seats (one of which can be removed if preferred) and adequate stowage areas for'ard and stern. The boats have a high free-board, ample area to fish safely and are very stable. Completing the specification for these impressive fishing boats, they are equipped with self-draining and fitted with speedometers, tachometers and Garmin 400c fish finding sonar.

Each boat is fitted with 90 litre fuel tanks, which are easily sufficient for at least a whole days cruising. The fuel tanks are checked every day, usage logged, topped up when needed - negating any need to carry spare fuel. The boats are serviced regularly, well maintained and of very high specification and standard. Floatation suits are available for hire, while life jackets are free.

"Fram" - Skippered Cutter

Alternatively, skippered fishing excursions can be arranged onboard the 31ft traditional wooden Norwegian cutter. Built in 1963, it is licensed for parties of up to 8 anglers and local fishing expertise is provided by your host's father (the usual skipper) who can maximise your chances of landing that dream specimen.

Food and Drink

Food and drink was critical in ensuring a families survival at the turn of the Ice age. Our Stone Age story teller will describe and demonstrate what it was like for our forefathers to not only survive, but maintain a comfortable and quality existance as hunters and gatherers.

You will taste, food cooked in the style of the original stone age settlers. Fresh fish or game meat prepared using the glowing rocks from the houshold fire pit. This is a unique method that both cooks and seals in all of the natural juices and flavours. A first and lasting experience for nearly all of our guests.

As your visit draws to a close and we bid you farewell, you will take with you memories that you will look back on for years to come.

Example menue, 3 courses and cultural experience

Speciality Starter

Stone Age bread with whale meat (or alternatively fish, game meat), lettuce, berries

Speciality main cource

Local game meat or fish (i.e. your catch) prepared with authentic stone age technic using hot rocks in the ground. Served with fresh, natural accessories.

Speciality dessert

Forrest berries with herbs